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We do more than just specify insulation, breather membranes and facade products, it’s about working with a team to find a cost effective way to develop a building that will last the distance.

We know nothing lasts forever, and in the most part we can help you repair or replace products. But if that’s not possible, let us work with you to find the next best solution.

If you have a product or a concept looking for market commercialisation, consider using our network. If an architect, builder or sub-contractor has to design, price or install it, we can provide a sales campaign to test its potential.

Our proven methodology

It’s not rocket science – we want to help you achieve your goals in the most cost-effective way possible. We also believe honesty is the best policy.

Step 1

client brief

Ask questions.
Scope out the goals.

Step 2

project analysis

Research the market
Suggest options

Step 3


Having identified the challenges, minimise the roadblocks
Suggest options

Step 4


Compare the solution to current options and confirm it meets the goals, can be actioned and addresses the strategic intent.

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