0471 insulation and pliable membranes

DeSilvaLine PIR Grade 1-3

Auto-adhesively bonded thermoset rigid board insulation with foil facers either side. Non-porous vapour and air-barrier, suitable for use where Group 2 AS9705 products can be used.

DePolyLine X-Grade and E-Grade

X-Grade is a closed cell extruded polystyrene with high comprehensive strength between 250-700kPa. Normally, used as thermal insulation on concrete buildings roof, wall or floors.

E-Grade is used for buildings where budget is the key concern.

Vapour permeable membrane

Formally known as sarking, breather membranes and wall wrap, vapour permeable membrane is a tested, vapour resistant fabric that allows the passage of water vapour, but not liquid. It should be noted that a condensation risk analysis should be performed for installations where the outside temperature falls below five degrees celcius.

AS1530.1 Facade Panel

Westfields Whitford City is a local example of how the product was formed in Australia and installed after working with our team of craftsmen. We are experienced in developing outdoor artwork to repetitive modules to meet non-combustible fire requirements, such as AS3837 and AS1530.1

Insulation Review

Climate Zone 4, Sydney NSW, Australia

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