Case study: residential energy efficient home


The challenge is not adding insulation or trying to achieve airtightness. Our experience shows knowing how to design the build-up (wall, floor or roof) and selecting the right materials are critical.


Passive buildings are designed with low thermal bridging and air leaks. Attention to detail and choosing workable site processes during the design stage needs to be followed by proper product selection.

Choosing products from our range means you’re not paying extra for simple solutions that deliver results. DeSilvaLine is our rigid foam boards being used as insulation, thermal breaks and an airtightness layer in heating climates. The auto-adhesively bonded pure foil provides an easy to tape airtightness layer.

DePolyLine is a range of polystyrene supplied from leading local and overseas manufacturers. These include DOW Chemicals and Foamex. Refer to the Product Data sheets for XPS and EPS polystyrene grades and their good, better and best application.


Our philosophy on attaining passive building standards has been developed our the past 10 years, looking at the skill base in Australia and working towards providing manufacturers instructions that are consistent with local building techniques and warranties. This sometimes means not following standard practice and challenging the norms.