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DeSilva Solutions is on a mission to deliver premium insulation solutions for engineers, contractors, architects and owners and occupiers of buildings.

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Our Expert Team

Our expert team provides affordable passive house solutions using Australian made, tested and approved products. Or if you’re looking for something further afield, we can also provide the best products from overseas suppliers, such as DOW Chemicals.

The Consultation Process

Our consultation process helps you choose the right product for your project, while also designing the best solution to address common queries in the areas of energy efficiency, acoustics, moisture, structural and fire performance.

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So if you’re looking for a team to keep things simple, cost-effective and energy efficient, please get in touch.


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Meet Rav DeSilva, CEO

I’m Rav and I love what I do. Using my experience in specifying commercial and residential buildings, single and multi-storey rise, I provide solutions to attain Net Zero or Passive House energy efficiency. I prioritise quality, Australian-made materials, reflective solutions and air tightness to lower your project’s energy costs, every time. I’m also available to act as a front line sales person, scoping out specifications for a new sales position, as well as ongoing coaching and management to help embed best practice tactics and desired results within your company.

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At De Silva Solutions, we believe it’s our duty to share our experiences from more than 20 years in the building industry. We’ll tell you what worked and why, explain what definitely won’t work and guide you towards the best people in the industry to get the job done.

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  • "Rav is the most knowledgeable insulation expert I have ever come across. He understands the intricacies of all construction methodologies and complexities and always has an answer for the most appropriate solution taking into consideration performance, practicality, environmental impact and cost. He is always approachable and ready to help. I recommend him to anyone who has questions about insulation."

    Katie Fallowfield
  • "Rav is one of the best 'go to' guys for tech info in the country, in one of the best (or is that THE BEST?) product and technical support companies in the world. What more can I say?"

    Dick Clarke, Owner Envirotecture
  • "Rav is the consummate professional, with extensive insight into solving complex insulation challenges. His personality is outstanding and his presentation skill set is loaded with inspiration."

    Michael Ross, Idling